Mobile Game Development

A mobile game appears to have the most potential among other types of applications to reach a bigger number of users. No matter what type of platform you prefer, a catchy and engaging mobile game will always be in high demand with subscribers. Moreover, it offers some great monetization models to make money from your mobile product.


People love games. They play them on the way to work, during classes, in public transport and at weekends. The mobile gaming industry has evolved in the last few years introducing new advanced technologies in addition to innovative development types. Whenever you need to build an award-winning mobile game that will hit the headlines of the leading app store, AppDevLab is certainly the right place to visit.

Types of Mobile Game Development

As well as any other process, mobile game development may be of various types considering the classification of your future game. Our experienced programmers, coders, artists, developers and designers are able to deal with any gaming genre ranging from arcades and shooters to runners and puzzles.
We successfully implement some of the following mobile game development types:

Unity-based Game Development;

HTML 5 Mobile Game Development;

2D and 3D Mobile Game Development;

App Gamification, Game Center Integration.

Mobile Game Monetization

Whatever your aim is, our qualified and creative developers will implement your any idea. Our professional team also includes great marketers and promoters. We will come up with the simplest and most efficient monetization strategy. It may include:

In-App Purchases

Pay-to-Download Models

Extended Application Versions and more

With so many free games available in leading app stores for all major mobile platforms, there are still some efficient ways to make profit from your product. Advertising is still one of the most efficient monetization strategies. On the one hand, your game is still free for the customers. On the other hand, it brings you high revenues.


Why Order Game Development at AppDevLab?

We live in a changing world of mobile gaming. It comes with new technologies and features that are obligatory to implement in order to gain success in the niche. Our company is a leading development service provider offering a clear and efficient development process. We will handle all the tasks starting from creating a user-friendly interface and game mechanics to hardware capabilities as well as visual appeal.

We will guide you from start to finish letting proceed with any corrections and improvements during the development process. You can keep in touch with every change or step we take. Affordable rates, on-time product delivery and cost-effective strategies will let you plan your budget beforehand and concentrate on other important issues.

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